Kristof Pencik

 12. 02. 2023

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    Ruhe in Frieden

  • brennende Kerze

    Fam. Löscher

    Wer im Gedächtnis seiner Lieben und Freunde lebt, der ist nicht tot, der ist nur fern. Lieber Kristof für uns bist du auf einer wunderschönen, abenteuerlichen Weltreise. Wenn Trauer unser Herz erfüllt, lassen wir uns von den Erinnerungen an einen besonderen, wertvollen, philosophischen und humorvollen Menschen trösten!


  • Lieber Kris es waren tolle Jahre mit dir in der Avionic es ist traurig zuhören das du nicht mehr unter uns bist. Ruhe in Frieden. Deniz

    Deniz Sarper

  • It is still so difficult to believe that you are no more. I remember our goodbyes from Austria, how difficult they were for you and how anti-climactic they were for me. You would shed a few tears, refuse to look me in the eye, give me a brisk, brotherly hug goodbye and walk away. I’d stand, waiting for you to turn around, but you walked with such purpose that I should have known you wouldn’t let yourself turn around. For this goodbye, I’m left with tears and I’m trying, staring straight at you, but this time too you have your back turned away from me. We spoke, just a week before your passing, about how I would make a trip to Europe and we would visit Prague, finally. You signed off by asking me to keep you updated. Well, I have an update, but my messages can’t reach you now. To say I’m heartbroken still would be an understatement. As unconventional as our friendship might have been, it was one of the most significant relationships I’ve ever had. I have so many memories from our nearly decade-long association. You taught me what a friend really is, what generosity and hospitality can be and, most importantly, you taught me new perspectives to life. I’ll forever carry your memory with me. My only regret is that I couldn’t travel sooner to see you one last time, my old friend. Although I still can’t believe you are no more, and while my heart is heavy with grief, I can finally bring myself to say to you, “Ruhe in Frieden, mein lieber Freund.”